RELLIS Campus is investing in new infrastructure for the future of applied research. The campus is currently home to several significant state and national research facilities, test beds, and proving grounds including the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s Environmental and Emissions Facility, the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station’s (TEES) Center for Autonomous Vehicles and Sensor Systems’ flying range, and the Riverside Energy Efficiency Laboratory’s product evaluation and research lab. Through the expansion of research facilities, RELLIS will continue to maintain its research component but now in cooperation with other universities and the private sector.



In addition to these facilities, the RELLIS campus will include:

  • Center for Infrastructure Renewal (CIR) – A collection of state-of-the-science laboratories will serve as a research and training hub for federal, state and local governments, universities and private industry. This unique, integrated facility will close the loop from research to implementation of new technologies,6 and will address the infrastructure challenges of the 21st century.
  • Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) State Headquarters Building – Provides a collaborative environment for advancing transportation research to develop solutions for the challenges facing all modes of transportation and to create and test future innovations, such as automated and connected transportation technologies.
  • Cyber-Physical Research and Development Center – This center will be dedicated to all aspects of cyber-physical technologies including robotics, autonomous and connected vehicle technologies, and associated cyber security facets.
  • TEES Headquarters and Research Center – A centralized office and research facility for TEES researchers and staff.
  • TEEX Training Facilities – The new and expanded training facilities will be developed for instruction and certifications in law enforcement, public safety, municipal and power utilities, and heavy equipment operations.
  • Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center – The center’s mission is to promote and improve the safety of the chemical processing industry around the world. This center will foster the development of safer processes, equipment, procedures and management strategies to minimize losses within the processing industry.
  • Mike and Beverly Rowlett Industrial Distribution Center – The center will be home to the Thomas and Joan Read Center for Distribution Research and Education, the only distribution focused research center in the world, as well as the Global Supply Chain Laboratory and the Talent Incubator. Combined, these programs constitute the largest Industrial Distribution program in the U.S. and conduct applied research, consortia and professional development programs.
  • Gateway Education Center – The new multi-institutional Gateway Education Center will provide space for system institution to offer a variety of curricula. TEES, TTI, TEEX and our industry partners will also utilize this facility for continuing education, short courses and other professional development programs. Students and faculty at this center will have the opportunity to become involved in the research and technology development projects occurring at the RELLIS Campus.
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