Drone and UAS Submissions

RELLIS provides prime space for the utilization of drones by multiple agencies and industry partners as part of their ongoing research.

With the popularity of UAS, the FAA has issued guidelines for safe operation, and The Texas A&M University System and the RELLIS Campus have initiated a program to ensure compliance with the applicable rules and regulations. Most flights on The RELLIS campus will fall under Part 107 of the FAA rules available and hyperlinked below:

Part 107 of the FAA Rules

Basic Guidance for these rules is listed below:

Pilot Requirements

  • Must have a Remote Pilot Airman Certificate
  • Must have an insurance certificate
  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Must pass TSA vetting
  • Must have completed the RELLIS Research & Training Area required training

Aircraft Requirements

  • Must be less than 55 pounds
  • Must be registered if over 0.55 pounds
  • Must undergo a pre-flight check to ensure UAS is in condition for safe operation

Location Requirements

  • Class G airspace

Operating Rules

  • Must keep the aircraft in visual line-of-sight
  • Must fly under 400 feet
  • Must fly during the day
  • Must fly at or below 100 mph
  • Must yield right of way to manned aircraft
  • Must not fly over people
  • Must not fly from a moving vehicle

To request the use of drones at the RELLIS Campus, please visit the hyperlinked website below:

Unmanned Aircraft System Operations (UAS) – Office of Risk Management (tamus.edu)


RELLIS is currently seeking corporate, governmental and education partners for applied research opportunities.