Proving Grounds Research Facility

Proving Grounds Research Facility

More than…

50 years of safety research.
4,000 full-scale crash tests.
40 tons of truck brought to a screeching halt.

Research performed at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s Proving Ground has saved lives for more than 50 years.

The TTI Proving Grounds has long been a place where TTI has conducted world-class research, technology development and testing in areas such as vehicle safety, traffic engineering, emissions, sediment and erosion control, pavements and materials, structures, roadside signs and markings, and more recently, connected and automated vehicles. The facility has multiple runways; aprons; and transportation-related pavements, signs and markings, soils, sensors, traffic operations, infrastructure and connected and automated vehicle testing sites in multiple locations on the 2,000-acre RELLIS Campus.