The RELLIS Campus provides top-notch facilities and services to TAMUS agencies, universities and industry partners. We’re committed to advancing education, workforce development, training and research.

RELLIS provides prime space for using drones by multiple agencies and industry partners as part of their ongoing research.

With the popularity of UAS, the FAA has issued guidelines for safe operation, and The Texas A&M University System and the RELLIS Campus have initiated a program to ensure compliance with the applicable rules and regulations. Most flights on The RELLIS campus will fall under Part 107 of the FAA rules available and hyperlinked below:

Part 107 of the FAA Rules

Basic Guidance for these rules listed below:

Pilot Requirements

Must have a Remote Pilot Airman Certificate
Must have an insurance certificate
Must be at least 16 years old
Must pass TSA vetting
Must have completed the RELLIS Research & Training Area required training

Aircraft Requirements

Must be less than 55 pounds
Must be registered if over 0.55 pounds
Must undergo a pre-flight check to ensure UAS is in condition for safe operation

Location Requirements

Class G Airspace

Operating Rules

Must keep the aircraft in visual line-of-sight
Must fly under 400 feet
Must fly during the day
Must fly at or below 100 mph
Must yield right of way to manned aircraft
Must not fly over people
Must not fly from a moving vehicle

To request the use of drones at the RELLIS Campus, please visit the hyperlinked website below:

Unmanned Aircraft System Operations (UAS) – Office of Risk Management (tamus.edu)

The Texas A&M RELLIS Proving Grounds is a longstanding hub for cutting-edge research and technology advancement. The Proving Grounds’ extensive scope includes but is not limited to, roadside safety, physical security, traffic engineering, emissions, sediment and erosion control, pavements and materials, structures,  roadside signs and markings, and connected and automated vehicles, all of which are under the NextGen Distributed Antennae System (DAS). This dynamic environment positions the Proving Grounds at the forefront of innovation, making it a pivotal space for advancing research and technology on a global scale.

See our catalog for more information.

  • Utilizing the Proving Grounds – The RELLIS Reservation System is used to schedule research and testing on the Proving Grounds. The RELLIS Reservation System requires a TAMUS Unique Identification Number (UIN). For those without a UIN, a TAMUS-affiliated sponsor is required. For additional information, contact operations@rellis.tamus.edu.
  • Secure Area Access – The RELLIS Campus Proving Grounds is a controlled-access environment. For access to the secure areas, contact operations@rellis.tamus.edu.
  • Touring the Proving Ground – For tours of the Proving Grounds contact operations@rellis.tamus.edu.
  • UAS Operations – At RELLIS, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations play a pivotal role in various research endeavors and practical applications. With its expansive grounds and state-of-the-art facilities, RELLIS provides an ideal environment for testing and advancing UAS technology and counter-UAS operations. Additionally, the campus serves as a hub for UAS training and certification programs. (RELLIS UAS Application Instructions)
Aerial photo identifying the Texas A&M-RELLIS Campus, Aggie Farm, and Buffalo Ranch.

UAS Capabilities:

  • Part 107 operations.
  • 3 FAA Part 91 Certificates of Authorization (COAs).
    • UAS Operations at or below 1,000’
    • UAS Operations over 55lbs
    • Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Operations
      • BVLOS UAS Corridor is equipped with advanced infrastructure and support systems that facilitate a wide range of experiments and trials, from testing long-range communication and navigation systems to evaluating autonomous flight algorithms and collision avoidance mechanisms. Researchers and industry partners have the opportunity to collaborate within this dedicated space, spanning over 12 miles, to explore innovative applications such as aerial delivery, infrastructure inspection, and emergency response.
  • Aviation Radio Network

The RELLIS Proving Grounds is a collection of capabilities for research, development, and testing in a 1,300-acre secure area within the RELLIS Campus.

  • All employees and students of the Texas A&M University System (TAMUS).
  • Non-TAMUS organizations/companies can partner with a TAMUS entity or execute an agreement with TAMUS entities.

Reservations are required for all research and testing projects. To request a reservation visit the RELLIS Reservation System.

The RELLIS Proving Grounds are available nights and weekends.

Using designated sections of the runway system or specific facilities will be subject to a usage fee.

View the RELLIS UAS application instructions for additional information.

Hobbyist/recreational flights are not authorized at RELLIS.

Yes, contact us at operations@rellis.tamus.edu.