Setting Big Goals

Asia Bernard has been on a mission since she graduated from high school. Highly motivated, she packed her bags and headed to the Bryan-College Station area to study engineering.

After a year Bernard realized that engineering wasn’t the best academic fit for her. She knew she had to do something different, but she didn’t let her previous experiences deter her. Instead she headed to Blinn to enroll in a variety of classes so that she could explore new subjects and programs.

“I knew I wanted to go to college, but I realized that engineering wasn’t for me,” said Bernard. “So I picked a bunch of random classes to try out different subjects.”

Bernard hit the jackpot with her first accounting class, and from there on she knew she had a clearer path to follow.

“As a kid I loved all things related to saving and earning money, so I feel like I should have known that accounting would be a good choice for me,” said Bernard.

After graduating from Blinn with an Associate of Science in Accounting in the summer of 2018 she began looking for the next step toward achieving her goals. It was after she received an email with details about the new RELLIS Academic Alliance that she decided to see check out the campus.

“I knew I wanted to keep studying accounting and that there were several options available,” said Bernard. “I heard about RELLIS and realized it would be a good fit for me as I could stay local and enjoy small classes.”

Bernard arrived at the RELLIS Campus for the Spring 2019 semester and found both small class sizes and a growing community.

“During my time as RELLIS I had the same professors and classmates, which made it so much easier to get to know each other,” said Bernard. “It’s a small community which allows you to build relationships with the people around you.

Bernard graduated from the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting program in August of 2020. Afterward, she yet again packed her bags and headed toward the next goal line.

Today, Bernard is enrolled in a masters accounting program at the University of Houston and is still focused on those big goals.

“I would love to work in forensic accounting or financial advising,” said Bernard. “My education and time at RELLIS will help me make either of those options a reality.”

Originally published September 7, 2020