Fall 2023 Graduate

Before his time at RELLIS, Lathan Faulstich did not think he could earn a four-year degree due to his past academic history and time management skills. Today, he stands as a summa cum laude graduate of Texas A&M-Kingsville, having earned a bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness.

Lathan had hopes of becoming a Texas game warden before coming to RELLIS, but after being exposed to different career fields and serving as a secretary in the agribusiness program, he found an extreme interest in animal health and pharmaceutical sales.

“When I thought all was lost, RELLIS saved me,” said Faulstich. “RELLIS gave me the second chance I needed to prove to myself and others that I can do it. A degree is possible to achieve.”

He says RELLIS not only instilled in him a commitment to personal and familial betterment but inspired him to live by the core values of Respect, Excellence, Leadership, Loyalty, Integrity, and Selfless Service (RELLIS). These values have not only positively influenced his academic journey but also motivated him to seek better career opportunities, demonstrating the courage he gained as a student.

“I was always a follower before coming to RELLIS, but through experience, I gained a sense of leadership,” Lathan said. “This gave me the motivation to find a new job that could turn into a lifetime career.”

Expressing his sentiments about RELLIS, Lathan emphasizes that it is more than just a campus; it is a welcoming community. RELLIS provides the necessary tools for individuals seeking to embark on their academic journey.

“RELLIS will embrace you with the support and resources you need to develop the idealistic mentality that you can be successful in any path you choose to pursue,” Faulstich said. “RELLIS is growing to be its own culture and developing a name for itself that is stronger than anywhere else.”

In expressing gratitude, Lathan thanks his family, girlfriend, and specifically, Dr. Diane Friend, one of his professors in the agribusiness program. He says Dr. Friend has been a mentor throughout his entire journey and is truly one of a kind.

“There was never a time that Dr. Friend was not there to support us through any challenging event we had to overcome,” Lathan said. “I will never forget my moments with her, and I will always hold those close to my heart.”